Fenceguard / Hegnsvagt

Fenceguard consists of to pieces, an alarmbox and a grounding spear. The alarm is mounted on the spear and connected by a wire, to the ground through the spear. This way there is a good connection to the ground. The spear is build so that you can easilly step it into the ground. To monitor the voltage on fence you need a second wire clamped on the electric fence. FenceGuard is battery powered, and can last for up to 2 years on 3 x AA Lithium batteries. Our system will sende you a message when you need to change batteries.

Fenceguard measures how much voltage is passing through the fence. If the voltage goes under a userdefined level, the system will send you a "Low Voltage Alarm" To set the voltage alarm level you simply log on to the webportal and define the voltage setting in the userinterface.

There can be several reasons for low voltages on fences. Grass, branches or the fence is lying on the ground in some places. Could also be a broken fence caused by the animals, when they get out. Fenceguard is especially good for batterydriven fences, here you will get a message when the battery goes low, and produces to low voltage on the fence.

Fenceguard can also be equipped with a float switch that can alert, when the animals have no access to drinkingwater.

  • Low voltage alarm
  • Alarm if fence is broken
  • Alarm on low level drinking water '
  • Build in simcard
  • Roaming on all operators
  • No fysical installation
  • Mobile device
  • Web based administration
  • 5 Alarm contacts - Mail / SMS
  • Support on hardware, software og GSM network.