Power and Temperaturealarm

SensorCLIP is a new patented plug and play device, that can alert you if there is a power failure. The device also has a build in temperature sensor, that can alert you if temperature moves outside userdefined levels. The device is controlled from our webplatform that is browserbased and can be accessed from any computer. No software installation is required. With the userinterface you can access complete temperature logs and by a simple phonebook define who shall recieve alarms on power and temperature failures. SensorCLIP also has a 5-24Volt digital input, this enables the device to be a simple, cost effective gateway and browserbased alarmsystem for example PLC and other systems that activates an output in case of alarms. 

The SensorCLIP is battery powered, and will notify you by mail and sms if you need to change batteries. Operation time of batteries depends on how many features you use. Minimum battery life with all features activated is 6 months.

The device does not require any certified engineers, because of its innovative clip-on technology. Simply clip the device on a cable, and installations is completed. 

SensorCLIP has no difficult text commands and is so easy to understand that most people will be able to install and operate the device.

You dont even have to worry about sim card and gsm signal. The device has a build in simcard that connects to all operators. It simply chooses the operator with the best signal strengt for your area. Through the website and userinterface you simply buy the data period that suites you best, choose from 1 - 3 - 6 - 12 - 24 months service. No activation fee, as soon as the service runs out you get notified by sms and mail. It does not automatically renew, the user can always add more time to the data fee. 

With SensorCLIP you can finally get alarms on Power and temperature failures, at a price that is extremely competitive and cost effective.


  • Build in simcard
  • Roaming on all operators
  • No fysical installation
  • Mobile device
  • Web based administration
  • 5 Alarm contacts - Mail / SMS
  • Support on hardware, software og GSM network.