Food safety, self-monitoring and happy costumors is something both companies and consumers can relate to.

With CoolGuard the self-monitoring program is automated and the device delivers reports to the webplatform. CoolGuard also alerts you if the temperature moves outside userdefined levels. The temperature is simply set from the userinterface where you define high and low levels. To setup a CoolGuard takes less than 30 seconds. The device can help companies prevent expensive losses, bad publicity and expensive timeconsuming insurace claims.

CoolGuard is the perfect solution for wireless temperature monitoring. The device is battery operated so there is no installation with wires ect. The alarm will run up to 2 years on 3 x AA Lithium batteries. Our system will notify the users about low battery.

CoolGuard does not require big investments to get started. This is mainly because there is no expensive basestation and repeatersystems. CoolGuard has it's own independant mobile connection to the servers, and also has a build in simcard (Read More about our simcards). The device is independant of specific operators, and will everytime it connects to the network, ask for the 5 best cell towers. Theese towers are listed and prioritized by signal strenght. This gives the device the best possible coverage available.

CoolGuard can be equipped with an external temperature sensor, this is a good solution for impulse coolers/freezers.

By logging on to the webportal, you can access your temperature and alarm log. By a simple calendersystem you can choose intervals for raw data export to excel or you can choose to export a complete temperature report to PDF. This report includes graphs, alarms and a note field, where you can type reminders or reasons/fixes for possible alarms.

The webportal also has an interactive alarm page. This page can be opened on a screen in for example the service/alarm department. This page automatically updates and shows active alarm and timestamps.


  • Wireless temperature monitoring
  • Automated self-monitoring
  • Alarm by SMS/mail
  • No basestations
  • No repeaterstations
  • No physical installation
  • Easy setup
  • Simple administration