TemperatureGuard is a completely mobile plug and play device. It does not require any form of fysical installation, and it is very a very good solution for collecting temperature data, and transmitting temperature alarms.


In the energy industry they use Temperature guard to collect oiltemperature data i transformers. The temperature is a very good indication of electrical load. The device is also used to transmit critical temperature alarms if the oil gets to hot. Temperature guard is especially good for windmill transformers if they reach critical oil temperatures.

Central heating

In the public central heating system, TemperatureGuard is used to document heat losses. This documentation can be used to save energy and outline where insulation mig be inadequate.

TemperatureGuard is controlled interely from the webportal, where you also create contacts to recieve the alarms.  


  • Build in simcard
  • Roaming on all operators
  • No fysical installation
  • Mobile device
  • Web based administration
  • 5 Alarm contacts - Mail / SMS
  • Support on hardware, software og GSM network.