WellGuard is a very price competetive product developed for the sewage industry. 

There is often a need for a low cost alarm system for both domestic and public pumpstations.

The device can together with alarming on runtime also collect data on the pumpstation. With the webbased userinterface there is unlimited access to the collected data. The data WellGuard collects is total operation hours witch can be used for service intervals. Logs on daily operation and a complete overview of how many kWh the motor is using day by day. This data can be used to analyze and optimize the power consumption and operation time on the pumps. This data can help save energy and increase lifespan on the pumps. 

It is also possible to access a complete alarm log on the webportal. We collect and log every event and the user can export this data at any time.  

The floatswitch will alarm on high/low level. This is mainly used to alert about high level in the sewage well.

WellGuard is installed with 230 Volt with backup batteries. This power supply is monitored, and will alert on powerfailure. This alarm has an "Alarm Delay" setting controlled from the userinterface. The delay can be set with 2 hour intervals to a max of 24 hours.

WellGuard is controlled interely from the webportal, where you also create contacts to recieve the alarms.

The userinterface also has an interactive alarm page, this page can be opened on a screen in the main operation room. If there is an alarm on a device this page will automatically update and show the ID of the device, timestamp and what alarm type it registrered. 


  • Runtime alarm.
  • Optimize operation time.
  • Observe if rainwater is connected to sewage.
  • Operation log and kWh usage. 
  • Alarm on high/low level
  • Fase clip registration of start/stop.
  • Alarm on external output (Light indication)
  • Alarms by sms/mail
  • Up to 5 Alarm contacts at one time.
  • Support on hardware, software and GSM network.