A GSM based product will never be better than the signal available for the GSM-operator you are using. Often the device and the simcard are to very seperate things, therefore the troubleshooting can sometimes be very frustrating. With a SensorCLIP device we have gone to great lenghts, to be able to support our products, webportal and GSM-network. This mean that we are operating our own fleet of simcards, and can therefore support our product from electrical component to what celltower you device is communicating to.

Furtermore to the GSM coverage, we have made sure that our simcards are not limited to single operators. To ensure our costumors a good reliable GSM coverage we have made a global roaming deal witch means that our devices connects to all operators available. 

Our devices lists the 5 best celltowers it can find, regardless of operator and list them by signal strenght. The best cell tower will be the perfered tower. 



Full Service Fee

  • Unlimited portal access
  • Unlimited data
  • Free access to log's and alarms (Products with log)
  • Unlimited data for the sim card
  • Unlimited Sms/Mail alarms
  • Up to 5 alarm contacts at the same time
  • Roaming on available operators.